Sunday, September 12, 2010

Jake Gyllenhall

This is an oldie but a goodie!  Jake Gylenhall sporting some serious basket in some linen pants.  Beautiful!

Ahh Ronaldo...  This fine ass man can do no wrong.  He's beautiful in and out of clothes and has no issues with showing off what he's got.
You can always count on Reggie Bush for a hot picture.  Nicer under-cover bulge there.  You know if he can push package in pants like that, he definitely has something going on.
I'm not usally one to watch the country music awards, but damn!  This might be just the incentive I need.  Jamie Fox performed.  Looks like he's channeling a bit of James Brown showin' all that junk!
Mkay?! Is that the head of his...? Yup, I think it might be! No wonder Oprah loves him. Go on O!

Chris Pine

God bless the creator of polyester gym shorts!

Ever since I saw Chis Pine gettin' busy with the green chic in the Star Trek movie, I knew this guy was pushing some serious basket!  Either that or I need to find out what kind of underware those are!

Looks like Mr. Pine is right handed.  That's about as pretty as a basket gets!